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Club Söda

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Club Söda

Join Club SÖDA NYC co-founders Ruby Warrington and Biet Simkin for an evening of deep connection and real talk. Often a cocktail can be what gets the conversation flowing. A dose of the “truth serum” to help loosen the tongue and tell it like it is.

But what if you didn’t have to be intoxicated to say what you really think? To share what’s in your heart? Or to feel the connection of deep and meaningful conversation?

This evening salon will begin with an intro talk and discussion of our theme, followed by a unique sound bath meditation experience from Sara Auster and Guided by Biet.

We’ll then give the floor to Sub Rosa Founder Michael Ventura, creator of the Questions & Empathy card deck. A tool to provoke empathetic thinking, Michael will guide us though a series of interactive group exercises designed to eliminate small-talk and dive straight into the good stuff.

Leave feeling confident in the art of conversation, having made meaningful new connections, and ready to start a conversation that counts.