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The Future is NOW | Ban The Box

Ban the Box banner for event at The William Vale

The Future is NOW | Ban The Box

It took nearly 40 years to build our current system of mass incarceration, and it’ll take decades to dismantle it. Yet a real movement has begun, one that recognizes the system is unjust and deeply racist. This movement reaches from the halls of Congress in Washington, to state assemblies around the country.

But what about when people come home? They’ve done their time and they’re motivated to never leave their families again. At present, what too often awaits them is often more challenging than what they’ve endured: employers too scared to hire them. A dramatically changing workplace. Low wages. Blatant bias against them amongst co-workers.

In this session, we’ll chart a new way forward by breaking down the stigma; we’ll learn from those who have not just reintegrated, but have charted new paths, creating opportunity not just for themselves but for many others.

In the future, former prisoners return home + reintegrate smoothly into society. The future is NOW.