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HIIT For The Heart presented by Motion Mindset

HIIT For The Heart presented by Motion Mindset

Love is in the air! If you have a special someone or you value expressing self-love, we want to celebrate. When you purchase a ticket your plus one’s ticket is included!

Allow one of Motion Mindset’s elite fitness coaches to guide your body through a sequence of movements that awaken your muscles and challenge your strength while energizing your mind, body, and spirit. Strengthen current connections or build new ones with-in at Hiit For The Heart.

Next, you will experience the ultimate cool-down, Motion Mindset style. Restorative yoga is the perfect combination of positive love – energy and relaxation.

Enjoy our after class nutritional boost while you rejuvenate through a relaxing massage and targeted acupuncture.


Event Includes:

* Group Fitness

* Nutritional Boosts

* Cold Eucalyptus Towels

* Targeted Massage

* Targeted Acupuncture

* Targeted Stretching

* Dry towels and mats will be provided but you’re welcome to bring your own.