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Itayu Season Meditation

Carolyn Centeno, certified sound practitioner and meditation teacher

Itayu Season Meditation

This time of year is all about birthing new ideas, projects, identities, and feelings. How can we tap into our best self? Itayu Season will harness the power of this time of year to lead us in a sound experience tailored for Spring to set new intentions for the upcoming months. The experience will bring us out of our daily urban environments to reconnect with our natural grounded state. Using the voice, guided visualization and sound, we will let go of what no longer is serving us and listen deeply to ourselves. A sound bath is an immersive concert with crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, rain sticks and drums that brings your body intyour natural state.

Carolyn Centeno, Certified Sound Practitioner and Meditation Teacher, will lead us in a meditation experience; by combining ancient wisdom and the latest neuroscience, she believes meditation taps us into our inherent creativity to design the lives we want.