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Rooftop Films Presents: Love is Short (Films)

Rooftop Films Presents: Love is Short (Films)

Love is Short (Films)

Tuesday, July 23


$16 online or at the door


7:00 PM – Doors Open

7:45 PM – Live Music

8:30 PM – Films Begin

10:30 PM – Q&A

10:45 PM – After-Party





Trevor Anderson | Canada | 4


Trevor reflects on his fear of dating.



Sami van Ingen | Finland | 15


A fractured melodrama, based on damaged frames from the last minutes of the only remaining nitrate reel of the lost feature film Silja – Fallen Asleep When Young (1937) directed by Teuvo Tulio. All screening prints and the negative of the film were destroyed in a 1959 studio fire. A sequence from the middle of the film was found at La Cinémathèque Française in Paris in 2015.



Eugene Kolb | US | 3


A woman is overcome by her carnivorous desires.


F*ck Bunny

Wesley Wingo | US | 10


A young woman tries to navigate issues of intimacy in a unique relationship after a traumatic event.


Lasting Marks

Charlie Lyne | UK | 14


The story of sixteen men put on trial for sadomasochism in the dying days of Thatcher’s Britain was told by the police, the prosecution and the tabloid press — but not by those in the dock.


Lost & Found

Andrew Goldsmith & Bradley Slabe | Australia | 7


A clumsy crochet dinosaur must completely unravel itself to save the love of its life.


Simbiosis Carnal

Rocío Álvarez | Belgium | 10


A poetic journey through the history of desire and sexuality, from the first unicellular organism to human being, who invents the calculated pleasure: eroticism. A story crossed by moral conflicts, where the female pleasure long ignored and repressed takes pride of place, and which culminates in an explosive finale.



Lisa Steen | US | 7


Patricia goes to Wyatt’s house for dinner. They eat soggy spaghetti and she gets too drunk. She asks him for a personal favor, he deals her a personal blow. Her dad comes over later in the night.


True Love in Pueblo Textil 

Horatio Baltz | Cuba, US | 5


Nine-year-old Maribel explains to us how it feels to be stricken with the world’s oldest affliction: love.


Washed Away

Ben Kallam | US | 12


A teenage girl in an evangelical church youth group must deal with the fallout when her trust is publicly betrayed.


LOGLINE: Brief encounters, fleeting carnal flings, and impermanent paramours.


SYNOPSIS: Whether you’re a lonely lady dressed as a rabbit, a girl discovering her libido in a Christian teen counseling group, or a giant penis floating through space, an act of love can feel like being consumed by fire–or like being enveloped in a prison of flesh. In this collection of alternately randy and chaste romances, lovelorn characters wrestle with their own their fear of commitment, hoping that cupid’s arrow will pierce their furry little hearts, but not drain their essence in the process.