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Rooftop Films Presents: My Days of Mercy

Rooftop Films Presents: My Days of Mercy

My Days of Mercy

Wednesday, June 26


$16 online or at the door


7:00 PM – Doors Open

7:45 PM – Live Music

8:30 PM – Film Begins

10:30 PM – Q&A

10:45 PM – After-Party


Tali Shalom-Ezer | US | 103


LOGLINE: Ellen Page and Kate Mara play women on opposite sides of the death penalty debate who embark on an unlikely and intimate journey.


SYNOPSIS: For Lucy Morrow (Ellen Page), life stopped the night her mother was murdered, and, eight years later, she’s still waiting for it to start again. Her father was arrested, charged with the killing, and now awaits his execution on death row; however, he has always passionately denied committing the crime. She, her sister (Amy Seimetz), and her brother (Charlie Shotwell) spend several weekends out of the year protesting the death penalty outside of different state executions across the country. It is at one of these protests where Lucy meets Mercy (Kate Mara), a woman her own age who she has an instant attraction to. Mercy is a member of the Homicide Survivors Group – a group of people dedicated to supporting both the families of murder victims and the death penalty itself. Though they belong to opposite sides of what is often a fiercely charged confrontation, Mercy and Lucy quickly become entangled in each other’s lives.


A Lionsgate release.