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Kara Liotta, VP of Talent & Innovation + Master Instructor at Flywheel Sports will lead us in a 45-minute total body FlyBarre workout using resistance bands. (Think fast-paced high-energy head-to-toe workout that creates a lean sculpted body and a strong core.)

After we’ve pulsed and sweat it out, we’ll host a panel discussing The Power Of Sustainable Fashion.

We’ll chat all about how to take ownership over your style, which can help your mental health, career, finances, and the environment. We’ll also provide super easy steps to broaden your impact beyond your own closet.

Panelists Include: Merri Smith and Violet Gross, Co-Founders of Tulerie and Alden Wicker, a freelance journalist and fashion sustainability expert.

You’ll get a chance to network with the S&B ladies, enjoy treats and drinks from our partners and soak in some rooftop views!




Kara Liotta

Kara is the National Creative Director for FlyBarre, FlyFit and FlyRecover programs at Flywheel Sports. She is a Master Instructor based in NYC, teaches On Demand classes and has lead talent development, training, and innovation for 8 years at Flywheel. In addition to Flywheel, Kara is a fitness model with Wilhelmina Models and has worked with brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Target, J Crew, Women’s Health, Self Magazine, and Shape Magazine.



Tulerie connects fashion-forward women to monetize the billions of dollars of inventory hanging in women’s closets around the US, keeping clothing in use longer and out of landfills. When considering the number of times the founders borrowed from their friends — asking for yet another fashion favor coupled with the guilt of only wearing something once, they knew there had to be a better way to share clothing.

Featured in: Business of Fashion, The Today Show, Wall Street Journal, WWD, Vogue UK, New York Post, New York Times, Vox, Luxury


Merri Smith, COO & Co-Founder

Former accountant who migrated to fashion and spent her 7 years in fashion in marketing roles. Before launching Tulerie Merri led a high-touch client experience program at Saks Fifth Avenue.


Violet Gross, CEO & Co-Founder

Former accountant and Northwestern MBA graduate. Prior to co-founding Tulerie, she co-founded MyMenu
Dining, an app-based platform aiming to make dining out easier for people with food allergies.


Alden Wicker

Alden is a freelance journalist who writes deeply researched articles about the big ideas in the sustainable fashion industry. She splits her time between her website EcoCult.com, and contributing freelance articles to publications like Glamour, Quartz, Newsweek, Fast Company, Vox, Inc. Magazine, and Refinery29.

She’s made expert appearances on the BBC, NPR, CBC, and MSNBC, and has been cited by Complex and Nylon as a leading voice in the movement. Her home base is in Brooklyn, but at the end of 2017, she and her husband, architect and DJ Illich Mujica, took 14 months to travel, work, and research around the world. To deepen her understanding of the global fashion supply chain, she visited artisan workshops in Latin America and India, dug into textile innovations in Europe, and finished up with some factory visits in Asia. With her viral articles on conscious consumption, Alden has become a leading proponent for not just focusing on (and obsessing over) your own environmental footprint, but thinking about how governments and systems affect how we consume and live.