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Vale Drink and Draw with Big Object Animation

Vale Drink and Draw with Big Object Animation

Stop by The William Vale for an evening of artistic exploration ideal for drawing novices or artistic virtuosos.

In partnership with Big Object animation studio, The William Vale will be offering a 3-hour sketch session in a nude figure model format on Monday, March 25th from 7PM – 10PM. The class will feature a live nude model to sketch, beginning with quick poses to warm up, with a series of 20 minute poses to finish the evening.

These sessions are moderated by Joe Scarpulla from Big Object Animation Studio. David and Joe are stop-motion animators and visual artists, and David is an instructor at Parsons and SVA.

The environment is laid back, yet professional. We set the vibe with cool tunes, seasoned models, and an environment to relax and sketch away.

Paper, pencils, and clips boards will be available but we encourage participants to bring your own materials.

Beer will be served. No photography allowed.

Credit: James Serafino Illustrator