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Endless West Tasting and Discussion at The William Vale

Endless West Tasting and Discussion at The William Vale

Join us on May 8th at the top of The William Vale Hotel in partnership with The Wall Street Journal’s The Future of Everything Festival and Endless West.

Endless West’s CEO, Alec Lee, will be speaking about expanding the paradigm of whiskey while you sip on specialty concoctions by Westlight featuring Endless West’s signature Glyph whiskey with an untouched view of the city.

How the World’s First Molecular Spirit Gets Made
As seen in the Wall Street Journal, Endless West is changing the narrative around the heritage and provenance of some of our favorite drinks. From grapeless wines to ageless whiskeys, Endless West is proving how innovative methods in science is being used to redefine what it means to “craft” a spirit.

About Endless West
Endless West is a spirits company that’s using innovative methods to make molecular spirits and wines. Their product, Glyph, is the first whiskey ever to be created note by note, using flavor and aroma molecules extracted pure from more efficient sources in nature (like other plants, yeasts and fruits). Unlike conventional whiskeys, Glyph is made without barrel aging which means significantly less wood, water and land is used in its production process. Endless West’s novel approach is taking spirits craftsmanship to a whole new level where nothing is left to chance and every molecule is deliberately chosen for maximum effect on our senses.

More about Endless West on VICE and SEEKER

All attendees will access discounted tickets to the Future of Everything Festival.

This event is currently by invitation only and all hotel guests of The William Vale. Email for inquiries.