November 1, 2019 | November Art Curated by Daylighted

Enjoying colors. A collection of portraits and abstract compositions of chromatic artworks playing with the mix of cold and warm colors. Featured artists: Maciek Jasik, Mazin Alrasheed Alzain, Laurie Close, Creative Vibe. This month's collection was curated for The William Vale by Daylighted.

Interwoven by Laurie Close

Passage by Laurie Close

Spaghetti Squash by Maciek Jasik

Horned Melon by Maciek Jasik

Bei by Maciek Jasik

Mary Beth by Maciek Jasik

Mix by Mazin Alrasheed Alzain

Ladder by Mazin Alrasheed Alzain

Laurie Close has shown in such places as The Painting Center in New York City and Collector in Berkeley, California. Her work investigates notions of depth and space as it pertains to the painted surface. There is a dependency on opposing positions finding the right balance, a struggle between order and chaos. Hard edges and flat space is met with atmospheric illusion. By challenging the visual structure tension is created. Uncertainty is embraced to transcend to openness. urieClose

Mazin Alrasheed Alzain is a Sudanese photographer based in Saudi Arabia that creates colorful artworks from the pictures of everyday stuff. He started photography in 2012 using a mobile phone camera an he upgraded to a DSLR in 2013 , He enjoys colorful and symmetrical compositions , and also the ones with a recognizable pattern. zinalzain

Maciek Jasik is a photographer and director living in New York. Maciek’s works explore identity, perception and humanity's relationship to Nature. Exhibited in galleries and museums in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Portland, Raleigh, and locations in the UK, Russia and many others in Europe. Commercial projects for Adidas, IDEO, Philips and AT&T in addition to editorial assignments for The New York Times, GQ, Time, New York Magazine, Variety, WIRED US+UK, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, and many others. asik