September 7, 2019 | Mister Dips Block Party

The 3rd Annual Mister Dips Block Party - every year as the anniversary of The William Vale's opening approaches, we celebrate with our community, serving as a THANK YOU for our neighbor's ongoing support. Performers on stilts, jugglers, tricyclists, carnival games, and loads more filled Vale Park on a gorgeous Saturday.

Fun fact: adults enjoyed the bubbles even more than the kids

This kid is just so cute and happy – but check out the girls terrorizing the inflatable tube man!

Stylish while golf-skeeballing

The After Eight cone at Mister Dips

You’re doing great, sweeties!

Not pictured: him doing this on a tricycle!

Flower girl on stilts, you rock

Photos of kids enjoying bubbles never gets old

I can’t help but wonder what they may be chatting about here

Why thank you! I will.

Kids are just great, aren’t they?!

These bedazzled gals are exchanging their tickets for the balloon – please show me a cuter picture

So glad these kids appreciated the throwback games, too

Love found at the Block Party

The P.B.D. cone from Mister Dips

Transforming into a mermaid – honestly jealous

Bubbles = Pure joy

If you haven’t tried Kin Euphorics yet, you’re in for a real treat

Nothing like a nice bubble to add to the aesthetic

Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park are our fabulous neighbors who advocate for the protection of the existing park and do fun activities to educate locals on conservation efforts.

Owl’s Brew, you were a hoot

Du’s Donuts just introduced yeast donuts into their menu and we’ll never be the same

Thank you so much to all the partners and our neighbors for coming out, see you next year!