August 1, 2019 | August Art Curated by Daylighted

This month’s curated art selection showcases honored photographers from the Fifth Edition of the Life Framer Award.

Life Framer is a renowned platform for discovering and celebrating contemporary photography from emerging and professional artists around the world. It hosts an independent award where each Edition is overseen by a world-renowned photographer or industry professional.

To date, judges have included Steve McCurry, Mona Kuhn, Martin Parr, David Alan Harvey and Alison Morley from the ICP, as well as representatives from MoMA and Tate Modern. Winners have been showcased at gallery exhibitions in London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, Arles, Rome, and Milan.

This month’s “Contemporary Photography” collection was specially curated for The William Vale by Daylighted.


by Kunal Kohli


by Jo Bayliss

Rothko seeking for stillness

by Magali Chesnel


by Krzysztof Szczurek


by Nathalie Dekker

The Tears of Wedding

by Quim Fabregas Elias

Seriously I don’t Know

by Giulia Mazza

Fruit Vendor – Merchants in Motion

by Loes Heerink

Construct VI

by Anton Kuenhackl

Crowned (elements) Manchester .001

by Tony McAteer