March 29, 2019 | The Art of Being Well: Panel + Experience

We partnered with Ari Life and Bumble Bizz to host a panel atop The William Vale, at Westlight. The morning began with invited guests floating in and sampling the curated products and experiences.

Cryo facials courtesy of HigherDOSE

Facials by LXMI

Latte Station by Dope Naturally

Organic Snack Bar by Ocka Treats

After a little pampering and rejuvenation, the panelists arranged themselves with their backs against a breath-taking view of the city. We jump-started the discussion with the complexity of being an entrepreneur and maintaining wellbeing, rituals vs routine, image vs reality, and infatuation vs integrity.

Moderator, Ariana Cleo, explained, “It is the dialogue between women which will change our perception and expectation of one another. We don’t have to do it all and have it all together, at all times.”


Katie Kaps, Co-Founder of HigherDOSE
Sylwia Wiesenberg, CEO of Dope Naturally
Lauren Singer, Co-Founder of Package Free
Leila Janah, CEO of LXMI

Moderated by:

Ariana Cleo, Founder of Ari Life


“You have to push the boundaries, or they will push you.” – Sylwia

“We vote every day with our purchases on the kind of world we want to live in.” – Leila

“Success is gliding from one failure to the next without losing enthusiasm.” – Ariana

“Remember that we have the power to change the world around us.” – Lauren

“The best healing technique is to be happy.”
– Leila

“If you are searching for that “perfection”, you will never be happy.” – Sylwia

“Don’t get too wrapped up in social media (or yourself). Stay humble.” – Katie

We make choices every day, as Lelia noted, and each purchase can represent a social change to support products that empower women with fair wages and sustainable products. One person can create a social impact and change in the world every day by reducing their own personal impact, as Lauren inspires many to do daily. It is passion that will drive your successes. You can be a mom and start three companies and workout every day as nothing is impossible for Sylwia. Remember when achieving your greatest successes, don’t get too close to the sun, stay humble and be human, because at some point it can all be taken away, as Katie taught us.